EDI Cost Calculator

Welcome to the Commerce-Connections EDI Cost Calculator. Using this calculator will allow you to estimate the best value and compare EDI services for you to get the most cost effective result.

To use our EDI Cost Calculator, simply fill in the required fields given to you by your EDI provider, input your best representation of your EDI requirements and then you can see the comparison for yourself.

Please give Commerce-Connections a call for unique cost information dependent on your business needs.

Inital setup fee (includes cost of first Trading Partner): £
Annual charges (for proceeding years): £
Cost to add additional trading partners: £
Cost to translate an EDI document: £
Cost to send/receive an EDI document: £

 Additional Trading partners to add:
 Documents sent each week: 
 Documents received each week: 

EDI and Trading Partner setup fee: £
Weekly (receive, translate and send): £
Monthly (receive, translate and send): £
First year (all charges plus setup fees): £
Proceeding years (all charges): £

Prices may vary depending on consumer’s needs. Please contact Commerce-Connections to talk to one of our sales representatives.