Our new VAN service in Germany

By installing a new VAN in Germany, we are expanding one of the most experienced global B2B/EDI enterprises in the world empowered by China Telecom.

Commerce-Connections is now bringing its highly acclaimed Value Added Network (VAN) service to Germany. This VAN allows for fast and secure commercial document transfer between domestic and global trading partners and is specifically tailored to suit European eCommerce requirements. Commerce-Connections will help you to lead the global frontier of Business-to-Business (B2B)/Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

Principles of the Commerce-Connections Gateway
By using China Telecom’s services, Commerce-Connections can send commercial documents in and out of China and Germany, securely and confidently. Commerce-Connections is now able to avoid such issues as connection drops and data loss that are usually met when dealing with alternative VAN providers handling communication worldwide.

Currently, companies must have a compatible communication system to operate their supply chain management processes, but with Commerce-Connections’ new VAN the hard work is removed and allows you to correspond with minimal interference or delays.

Commerce-Connections believes that its VAN will play an equally important role in B2B/EDI in Germany as it currently does in China. With this gateway, Commerce-Connections can proceed to comply with B2B global standards. Whatever protocols are being used in the local area, such as AS2 or FTPS, a truly secure local delivery is achievable through our translation service.

The main benefit of the Commerce-Connections gateway is that data is gathered at a local hub before being sent out or received internationally. In other words, there is a collection point and centralised delivery from Commerce-Connections UK, and a centralised delivery from Germany, which is key to assisting with security and peace of mind.

Examples of Industry Sectors

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Composites Engineering
  • Printable Electronics
  • Retail

Client Benefits

  • Fast commercial document transfer without loss of data
  • Documents delivered within seconds
  • Just-In-Time supply chain solutions
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Ability to add any EDI-ready clients to the VAN
  • Minimal downtime during migration

Migration Process
Commerce-Connections aims to make VAN migration a simple process while ensuring minimal, if any, business disruption. Below are the basic steps taken during a VAN migration:

  • A plan will be agreed upon listing all upcoming steps and costs
  • The VAN migration will initialise at a time that suits the client
  • Commerce-Connections will provide updates during each stage of the migration
  • Post-migration, Commerce-Connections runs various tests to ensure client connections are running as required
  • As standard with all its services, Commerce-Connections provides 24/7 international support