WebForms Service

The CC WebForms Service (CCWebFX) is a browser-based forms solution which enables businesses to trade electronically without the need for investment in EDI/B2B software and/or acquiring the necessary skills to manage such a system.

As a subscription-based service (pay-as you-go) CCWebFX is the most cost-effective and affordable solution for small and medium size businesses to comply with EDI requirements of their trading partners such as ASDA, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Morrisons, Argos, Makro, Boots, Dixons etc. With our predefined trading templates, users can achieve immediate EDI compliance for most UK retailers and most automotive companies.

Large organisations can choose a custom version of the CC WebForms Service to extend their trading network and reach smaller trading partners with minimum effort. For more information regarding connecting suppliers and extending your trading community, please read about the CC Web Portal Solution or contact us to discuss your requirements.

Unlike our competitors, the Commerce-Connections WebForms Service can be used on most browsers. This includes Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and many more.

In Short

Commerce-Connections WebForms Service is an alternative to operating and managing your own EDI System. The service enables customers to participate in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) without the need for investment in EDI software or skills. Companies who join the CC WebForms service are able to trade with a wide range of companies in the retail, automotive and government industry sectors.

Features and Benefits

  • Ease of use: When printed, online forms look like their paper equivalents enabling users to keep business processes intact. Prefilled forms increase accuracy and speed of document turnaround, while built-in template capabilities save re-keying time and minimize data entry errors.
  • E-mail notification: Rather than checking regularly for new transactions, users can set up an e-mail notification to receive an alert as soon as a new transaction arrives.
  • Ready-made EDI/forms definitions: For immediate compliance with most retailers and automotive companies and customs definitions for new trading partners
  • Label print: Download label information to your label printer with barcode straight from the WebForm
  • ASN generation: Build your ASN from one or several orders with packages and pallets
  • Communications links: We can send and receive your data from and to all major Value Added Networks (VAN). We also offer AS/2, FTP and other facilities to connect to your trading partners.
  • Background EDI translation: The EDI/XML conversion happens in the background and is monitored by our service specialists.
  • Message delivery: Messages are sent to trading partners in real time, therefore an invoice submitted electronically will arrive in your trading partner's mailbox in a matter of seconds.
  • Service Help Desk (9am-5pm on workdays): Users have access to email and telephone support for any issues or queries when using the WebForms portal.
  • Change management: New functions or changes in EDI requirements are implemented as required
  • Flexible payment options: Choose between pre and post payment - and special deals with selected trading partners.
  • Transaction report: Users can request regular transaction reports detailing all transactions for a specified period.