NHS Message Broker Services

Our NHS Message Broker Services are based on our tried and tested Retail and Manufacturing Message
Broker Services that all are certified under the GS1 UK’s ‘purchase-to-pay’ programme.
Our experience tells us that each NHS trust and supplier may have subtly different operational
requirements, especially regarding message types and import/export features of their existing back office

Our Services provide a solution for trusts and suppliers, of any size, regardless of their back office
system’s capabilities. Our Services range from a simple WebForms solution to a fully integrated managed

By using our Services users are freed from the costly, and time consuming, process of deploying an onpremise
EDI solution as everything is taken care of by the experts at Commerce-Connections. Where
required, the Services include the provision of a ‘connector’ for securely exchanging messages between
Commerce-Connections and our Service users.

Service Provision

The Commerce-Connections NHS Message Broker Services run on highly available servers in a virtualised
environment in our tier 3 Data Centre.
The Services are available 24/7 and, for users requiring that extra level of security and confidence, a full
disaster recovery service is available, for an additional charge.
Our annual charges include support (08:30 - 17:30, Monday - Friday, no bank holiday cover) for
any issues or queries with the service.

Additional Services

Until such time that all suppliers to the NHS can enter their product data into a data pool, our Services will
work with orders from trusts using proprietary product catalogues. Similarly, our Services will work where
existing pricing frameworks are in place. These Services are offered as additional modules to our standard
Commerce-Connections has over 50 man years of experience in working with ERP and finance systems
commonly in use today. We have worked with software vendors and consultants to make sure we fully
understand how their solutions interact with other services and solutions.
For SAP R3 users we offer consulting during EDI integration planning and subsequent deployment.
Many organisations using ‘high-end’ ERP/finance applications need to be able to monitor the thousands of
‘processes’ running each hour. A process could be an order in, an invoice out, an employee’s holiday
application form etc. Our edpem solution allows an organisation to report on any process, monitor its
progress and allow informed business decisions to be made in a timely manner. edpem is an on-premise
business tool for monitoring and reporting any type of business process, and is currently in use across a
wide range of organisations.