Secure FTP with CC Connector

CC Connector is an easy-to-use, yet powerful, secure FTP client to manage the data flow between the CC VAN mailbox and the client's site.

In comparison to most standard windows FTP clients, the CC Connector was specifically designed and implemented as a service to support unattended operation without any user interaction.

Upgrade offer: Commerce-Connections Mailbox or Managed Services customers who have previously purchased a different FTP client from Commerce-Connections will be eligible to a 35% discount when upgrading to the CC Connector. Please contact your sales representative or contact us via email to upgrade to the CC Connector.

Support for Salesforce Marketing Cloud connections now available. Integrate with Salesforce to better connect your business operations. Please contact us for further information.

Product Features
  • FTP/S (SSL)
  • Secure Shell (SSH)*
  • HTTPS (SSL)*
  • OpenPGP encryption a
  • X.509 Public Key Inf
  • Schedule fully-automated transfers
  • Safely backup files up or downloaded
  • Create labour and time saving communication agents to run at predefined intervals
  • Automatic installation procedure (CC VAN access preconfigured)
  • Button controlled Start/Stop Services
  • Access remote site via built in manual FTP option
  • Extensive logging organised into system events and data movements
edbic - Fast and Flexible Integration
More success thanks to more added value

Considering the increased use of digitization in the supply chain, it is becoming more and more difficult to cope with the bulk of data that accumulates in company networks. Consequently, it is all the more important to render processes transparent.

With the ambition of facilitating the IoT (Internet of Things), edbic™ connects all those involved in the value-added chain to manage all business processes and thus ensure clarity and stability; for example, internal operations (A2A) or the exchange of data with business partners (B2B).

Download CC_edbic.pdf to learn more.

edbic™ Created with Sketch. Ready to use quickly Less administrative work and effort Central system for A2A and B2B as SaaS ('Software as a Service'), or on customer's premises Designed with Industry 4.0 in mind Integrates with any MRP to make lean manufacturing a reality Noticeable acceleration of business processes Fast enough to deliver on JIT (Just in Time) solutions Optimum process overview Pre-configured sequences for various areas of application edbic™ edbic_graph_verticalReady to use quicklyLess administrative work and effortCentral system for A2A and B2B as SaaS ('Software as a Service'), or on customer's premisesDesigned with Industry 4.0 in mindIntegrates with any MRP to make lean manufacturing a realityNoticeable acceleration of business processesFast enough to deliver on JIT (Just in Time) solutionsOptimum process overviewPre-configured sequences for various areas of applicationedbic™
edbic™ Highlights
Fast and Flexible
  • Commissioning in just a few hours
  • Implementation of new processes within days
  • Access to index
  • Optimum capacity utilisation → no over-capacities
  • Automated deployment
  • End-to-end scalability
  • Central platform for internal and external integration processes
  • Simple IT architecture
  • Uncomplicated introduction and easy handling
  • Convenient maintenance through open system standards
  • Additional system environments available without any procurement work
  • Possible to set up any number of processes
  • Large number of open standards and architecture components can be used
  • Ideal if lean production is a business goal
  • Integrated monitoring of business processes
  • Real-time transparency and SLA (Service Level Agreement) information
  • Convenient event monitoring
  • Intelligent management of cloud environments
  • In-depth logging system to provide traceability and aid in troubleshooting processes
  • Possible to send requests via API and create custom API endpoints
edpem - Reduce Cost, Increase Satisfaction
Successful process monitoring with edpem™

In the modern world of commercial enterprise, the fast and reliable exchange of merchandise plays a central role; the slightest mistake can have dire consequences. The solution is smart service platforms, which are in a position to integrate and visualize data above and beyond the limitations of the system. IoT concepts like 'elastic logistics' and 'JIT Manufacturing' simply would not be possible without products like edpem™.

As more and more companies are outsourcing components of their supply chains, they have lost control and visibility over what used to be part of their own operations. Supply chain visibility is crucial to a companies success; edpem™ offers a robust platform, including a dashboard, to visualize all essential business processes.

Worldwide, day by day, companies trade in large quantities of goods and services which are of high quality and/or urgent – a process that represents a tremendous logistical feat in these days of 'on demand' and 'just in time'. It is vital to these companies that these tasks are carried out reliably – yet they seldom have sufficient insight into them. Here, the situation can be remedied by the introduction of a holistic integration and monitoring system.

Download CC_edpem.pdf to learn more.

Why edpem™?

edpem™ is integrated fully in process management.
Typical real-time requirements are :

To monitor complete processes of various different IT systems

One of the leading tools for advanced analytics

For the analysis and visualisation of process events

Short reaction times

Ideal as a front-end to your big data applications

Main Functions
  • Real-time information about processes and IT systems
  • Recognition of emergency situation
  • Automatic notification when threshold values are exceeded
  • Filter function of the 'rules engine'
  • Measuring and monitoring of KPIs
  • Able to integrate with systems that have a wide range of different IT infrastructures
  • Interactive dashboards, with alerts, based on process and activity information, status of the teams involved and track-and-trace system
Portal Solution

Commerce-Connections' Retail Gateway Service enables organisations to integrate their suppliers and customers electronically via a single portal interface.

Retail Gateway Service can be customised to an organisation's individual needs from simple order taking to extended supply chain management processes facilitating the web, EDI/XML and fax. The portal backend can be integrated into all major ERP and other backend applications.

If you wish to know more or you would like to arrange a demonstration, you can request this via our Online Enquiry page.

Typical B2B Applications
  • Data Synchronisation
  • Just-In-Time (JIT) Supply Chain management
  • Forecasting
  • WebForms
  • Order / Invoice
  • CSV Upload
  • Delivery Notification
  • EDI to Fax - Fax to EDI
  • Supply Chain Visibility
  • Traditional EDI (XML, EDIFACT, TRADACOM)
Key Benefits

Communication with suppliers and customers alike

Single Flow

Single route in and out of organisation

Easy to Maintain / Manage

Latest Generation database driven Web Application

Full Customisable

The portal components can be customised to support most business processes

Fast Deployment

Roll out support provided by Commerce-Connections