edbic™ (Business Integration Cluster)

Achieve better business with better data 


What is edbic™?

edbic™ is a fast, flexible, and scalable integration engine for modern businesses. edbic™ brings together all parties involved in the value chain to manage all business processes centrally, ensuring clarity and stability in the exchange of data with business partners or internal operations.

Due to its flexibility, edbic™ allows data integration in a broad range of formats and at any size. It allows control over data and processes to adapt dynamically to any modification or changes in business processes in an ever demanding and evolving environment.

edbic™ has high-performance capabilities that allow many high-volume data transactions with the optimum use of available resources. The Java codebase edbic™ uses enables platform independence, increasing its deployability, meaning it can support any business even on legacy systems. Commerce-Connections can offer this high-performance integration engine as a self-hosted product or - with our team of technical experts - we can provide it as a managed service.

Commerce-Connections and edbic™

Commerce-Connections is a business partner of Compacer for edbic™ .

We deploy and support (24/7) edbic™ and edpem™ with our own technical team across the UK and Asia.

What are the benefits?

- Ready to use quickly

- Noticeable acceleration of business processes

- Fast enough to deliver on JIT (Just in Time) solutions

- Optimum process overview

- Pre-configured sequences for various areas of application

- Less administrative work and effort

- Central system for A2A and B2B as SaaS (Software as a Service), or on customer's premises

- Designed with Industry 4.0 in mind

- Integrates with any MRP to make lean manufacturing a reality

edbic™ highlights

Connect all your applications and systems

Fast and Flexible
  • Rapid commissioning and implementation
  • Automated deployment
  • End-to-end scalability
  • Central platform for internal and external integration processes
  • Simple IT architecture and easy handling
  • Convenient maintenance through open system standards
  • additional system environments available without procurement work
  • set-up of any number of processes possible
  • large number of open standards and architecture components

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