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L’Oréal Hong Kong and Commerce-Connections Collaborate to Streamline Order-to-Cash, Managing Billions of Transactions

L’Oréal Hong Kong recently underwent a global digital transformation initiative to enhance productivity and improve business processes. One of the key steps in this initiative was to migrate to the cloud, and some of the legacy systems were ready to be moved to the cloud. However, this migration required the development of new business logic and processes to fulfil the new requirements.

As part of the transformation, the ordering process needed to be re-innovated to adapt to the new changes. This involved identifying the existing pain points in the ordering process, such as manual data entry, lack of real-time visibility, and lengthy approval processes. The team then worked to develop a new ordering process that addressed these pain points and leveraged the benefits of the cloud.

The new order-to-cash portal was designed to be more streamlined, efficient, and user-friendly. It was also integrated with L’Oréal Hong Kong's existing systems, such as the ERP, to provide real-time visibility into orders and inventory. The team also incorporated automation into the process, such as automated data entry and order approvals, to further improve efficiency.

The migration to the cloud and the re-innovation of the ordering process have resulted in significant benefits for L’Oréal Hong Kong. These benefits include improved productivity, reduced manual effort, increased order accuracy, and faster order processing times.

The global digital transformation initiative has been a success for L’Oréal Hong Kong, and the company is now better positioned to adapt to future changes and challenges in the industry.

After undergoing the above project, L’Oréal Hong Kong experienced a range of benefits, including:

Improved Efficiency: The new order-to-cash portal streamlined the company's processes, reducing errors and manual effort. This led to increased efficiency and productivity, as well as faster order processing times.

Better Customer Experience: The new portal provided real-time updates on orders and inventory, improving customer experience and satisfaction.

Increased Accuracy: The automated data entry and order approvals reduced errors, resulting in increased accuracy and fewer customer complaints.

Improved Visibility: The portal was integrated with L’Oréal Hong Kong's existing systems, such as the ERP, providing real-time visibility into orders, inventory, and customer data.

Scalability: The platform architecture was designed to be scalable, enabling the company to adapt to future business needs and growth.

“I will consider Commerce-Connections as a partner rather than just a vendor.”

Jeff Tan
IT Manager, L'Oréal Hong Kong





“I will consider Commerce-Connections as a partner rather than just a vendor.”

Jeff Tan
IT Application Manager, L'Oréal Hong Kong


According to Jeff Tan, IT Application Manager at L’Oréal Hong Kong, ensuring operational efficiency is always a top priority. L’Oréal HK recognized the need to focus resources on critical processes to maintain seamless business operations. To achieve this, the company turned to external consultants with specialized expertise in digital transformation services.

With several successful projects already completed with Commerce-Connections, L’Oréal HK identified them as a long-term technology partner with a high level of business processing experience and specialist digital transformation knowledge for the supply chain. Commerce-Connections' professionalism and wide range of products and services have been key to solving previous issues and providing guidance on process improvements.

For the digital transformation projects needed to adapt to changes in the industry, L’Oréal HK partnered with Commerce-Connections once again.

Overall, the collaboration with Commerce-Connections has helped L’Oréal HK achieve its operational goals and position the company for continued success.