CC Connector (MFT Software)

Managed file transfer software is a program or service that manages the secure transfer of data via a network. 


What is Managed File Transfer (MFT)?

Managed file transfer (MFT) is a technology platform that enables businesses to securely transfer data electronically between systems to meet compliance requirements.

This exchange can happen internally between systems in one organisation, as well as with an external enterprise, and comprises different types of data, such as sensitive financial data, compliance-regulated or high-volume data. Managed File Transfer can be offered as a software or as a service.

CC Connector

Commerce-Connections' MFT software

CC Connector is an easy-to-use, yet powerful, secure FTP/s client with an SFTP module to manage the data flow between the CC VAN mailbox and the client's site.

In comparison to most standard windows SFTP/FTP clients, the CC Connector was specifically designed and implemented as a service to support unattended operation without any user interaction.

This proves as a major advantage over general purpose-built FTP clients who may wait for a user input during a session even when script driven. A simple stop/start button lets the user start the configured schedules and no further interaction is required.

CC Connector highlights

Secure File Transfer Trusted by Companies Around the World.

Secure and Simple
  • Files transferred to and from the mailbox are protected using secure FTP over SSL, SSH, and HTTP/s transfer protocols.
  • Easy to install with CC access already preconfigured.
  • Simple Start/Stop button to switch service on and off
Flexible and Reliable
  • Extensive customisation options to fit your business schedule and file movement requirements
  • Very small footprint on the system. The program runs as a service and therefore does not require any user interaction
  • Labour and time saving communication agents to run at predefined intervals
Supported and future-proof
  • Extensive built in logging and debugging facilities, easy to analyse communication sessions, CC support if a communication session fails
  • CC service updates and new functionality will be automatically incorporated
  • Service Help Desk (9-17h), with after hours emergency support

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