Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN)

Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) is a highly available network built on the global private network of Alibaba Cloud

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Alibaba Cloud CEN as a gateway to Hong Kong and China

After its 20 year presence in the UK, Commerce-Connections has brought its highly acclaimed Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) service to China and Hong Kong thanks to cooperation with Alibaba Cloud.

The CEN service will allow fast and secure transfer of commercial documents between domestic and global trading partners and is specifically tailored to suit China, Hong Kong and the UK’s eCommerce requirements for Business-to-Business (B2B)/Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

Principles of the Commerce-Connections Gateway

Reliable connection via new CEN centre in Europe

By using Alibaba Cloud’s services, Commerce-Connections can send commercial documents in and out of China and Hong Kong, securely and confidently. Commerce-Connections is now able to avoid issues such as connection drops and data loss that are usually met when dealing with alternative CEN providers handling communication worldwide.

Hong Kong, a leader in manufacturing, now provides a CEN service in Frankfurt. This allows EDI to be translated for correspondence with Europe and the rest of the world. Similarly, the CEN service in China means that you can transfer data both locally and globally whilst complying with B2B global standards. Irrespective of the protocols being used in the local area, such as AS2 or FTPS, Commerce-Connections offers a truly secure local delivery translation service.

Benefits in using CEN

Centralised delivery from each side

The main benefit of the Commerce-Connections gateway is that data is gathered at a local hub before being sent out or received internationally.

In other words, there is a collection point and centralised delivery from Commerce-Connections UK, and a centralised delivery from both China and Hong Kong, which is key to assist with security and peace of mind.

Partner with Alibaba Cloud

Bridging the gap in supply chain management

As a channel partner with Alibaba Cloud, Commerce-Connections will be actively involved with SAP data integrations for companies trading globally, from within China.

As we are an existing business partner with SAP SE, the expertise and technologies we have developed, over 20 years in the industry, are perfectly suited to overcome the supply chain data integration challenges companies face when sending business documents to and from mainland China.

CEN technology has been helping companies better manage their supply chain for decades. Together with Alibaba, we aim to bridge the gap for companies wishing to trade securely, efficiently and reliably between mainland China and the rest of the world.

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