Cloud Integration

Connect your whole digital ecosystem for real-time exchange of data and processes


Cloud Integration Solution

Cloud integration connects disparate systems such as modern cloud-hosted environments, applications and on-premise legacy systems.

A cloud integration solution enables data exchange between software applications regardless of their envionment in order to enhance visibility and streamline business processes.

The rising demand of cloud integration

There are various reasons for the increasing popularity of cloud integration: real-time data from applications and services, better automation for back-office and customer-facing platforms and higher scalability.

Cloud integration enables seamless connectivity between the on-premise legacy environments and modern cloud-based applications.

What cloud applications can we integrate with?

Below is a list of cloud applications we can integrate with

Commerce-Connections is a channel partner of Alibaba Cloud. We support API integration with Alibaba Cloud to enable you to expand your business into China.

Commerce-Connections can connect you to Amazon Web Services to take advantage of the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform.

Commerce-Connections has been an IBM business partner for many years and we have a group of experts experienced with IBM related Integrations, including IBM Cloud.

Commerce-Connections has expertise in handling Oracle related integrations like Oracle Cloud.

Commerce-Connections has experts experienced in the integration of Google Cloud.

Commerce-Connections has long term experience with Microsoft integrations such as Azure.

Commerce-Connections can connect you with Digital Ocean Cloud.

Commerce-Connections can connect you with Tencent Cloud.

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