Global Supply Chain Supports Front-line Against Pandemic

Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, the front-line is in our hospitals and with our medical professionals. To continue the escalating battle, those staff need to be adequately supplied with medicine, medical equipment and personal protection equipment (PPE). This is made possible by the global supply chain. Here at Commerce-Connections we are doing our bit to contribute, working from home and supporting the supply chain through our GS1 and PEPPOL compliant services.

In the UK, the NHS Trusts rely on PEPPOL to consolidate ordering of medical equipment and other, much needed, supplies. As a PEPPOL access point, our customers can be linked to the NHS for ordering and invoicing, reducing the strain on our beleaguered health service. This also requires GS1 compliance to ensure that the supply chain does not suffer duplications and order inefficiencies. In a normal situation, this helps the smooth running of the Health Service. In times like these, it is crucial to eliminate errors to potentially save lives.

As a data integration company with specific expertise in EDI we can see, via service usage, the extra strain being put on the supply chain. Medicine and food supplies are in high demand; as panic-buying subsides, due to restrictions on purchases being put in place across the UK this should ease. But the situation is still tenuous, and we will do our part to ensure that our technology and our people are supporting the supply chain.

Our partners at GS1 are also doing their part to support the supply chain, and by extension the NHS as well as suppliers across the globe. They currently have a regular newsfeed to inform everyone of crucial information in the COVID-19 pandemic as it develops.

We are also keeping an eye out for relevant supply chain news and how the pandemic is affecting the supply chain. Check back regularly for updates.