CC Connector

CC Connector is an easy-to-use, yet powerful, secure FTP/s client with an SFTP module to manage the data flow between the CC VAN mailbox and the client's site.

In comparison to most standard windows SFTP/FTP clients, the CC Connector was specifically designed and implemented as a service to support unattended operation without any user interaction.

Support for Salesforce Marketing Cloud connections now available. Integrate with Salesforce to better connect your business operations. Please contact us for further information or download our CC Connector Flyer.

Product Features
  • FTP/S (SSL)
  • Secure Shell (SSH)*
  • HTTPS (SSL)*
  • OpenPGP encryption a
  • X.509 Public Key Inf
  • Schedule fully-automated transfers
  • Safely backup files up or downloaded
  • Create labour and time saving communication agents to run at predefined intervals
  • Automatic installation procedure (CC VAN access preconfigured)
  • Button controlled Start/Stop Services
  • Access remote site via built in manual FTP option
  • Extensive logging organised into system events and data movements
More success thanks to more added value

Commerce-Connections is a business partner of Compacer for edbic™ and edpem™. We deploy and support (24/7) edbic and edpem™ with our own technical team across the UK and Asia.

edbic™ is a fast, flexible, and scalable integration engine for modern businesses. edbic™ brings together all involved in the value chain to manage all business processes centrally, ensuring clarity and stability in the exchange of data with business partners or internal operations. edbic™’s flexibility allows data integration in a broad range of formats and at any size. It allows control over data and processes to adapt dynamically to any modification or changes in business processes in an ever demanding and evolving environment.

edbic™’s high-performance capabilities allow many high-volume data transactions with the optimum use of available resources. edbic™’s Java codebase enables platform independence, increasing its deployability, meaning it can support any business even on legacy systems. Commerce-Connections can offer this high-performance integration engine as a self-hosted product or - with our team of technical experts - we can provide it as a managed service.

Download CC_edbic.pdf to learn more.

edbic™ Created with Sketch. Ready to use quickly Less administrative work and effort Central system for A2A and B2B as SaaS ('Software as a Service'), or on customer's premises Designed with Industry 4.0 in mind Integrates with any MRP to make lean manufacturing a reality Noticeable acceleration of business processes Fast enough to deliver on JIT (Just in Time) solutions Optimum process overview Pre-configured sequences for various areas of application edbic™ edbic_graph_verticalReady to use quicklyLess administrative work and effortCentral system for A2A and B2B as SaaS ('Software as a Service'), or on customer's premisesDesigned with Industry 4.0 in mindIntegrates with any MRP to make lean manufacturing a realityNoticeable acceleration of business processesFast enough to deliver on JIT (Just in Time) solutionsOptimum process overviewPre-configured sequences for various areas of applicationedbic™
edbic™ Highlights
Fast and Flexible
  • Rapid deployment
  • Scalable support for business growth
  • Broad range of comprehensive formats supporting all open industrial standards
  • Can be self-hosted or a managed service
  • GUI option for creating user-friendly processes without any coding requirements
  • End-to-end scalability
  • Highly specialised programming language for creating more complex processes
  • Centralised platform for internal and external integration processes
  • Up-to-date and simplified IT architecture
  • Easy to handle, easy to understand
  • Convenient maintenance through open system standards
  • Can design and create a visual architecture without any programming skills
  • Can merge and harmonise different processes
  • Unlimited process capacity
  • Various open standards and architecture components can be used
  • Can create generic, re-usable sub-processes
  • Essential for businesses who wish to increase production by automating their business processes
  • Localised monitoring of business processes
  • Visual representation of real-time analytics; true transparency: see what’s happening and where as it happens
  • Intelligent management of cloud environments
  • In-depth logging system to provide traceability and aid in troubleshooting processes

Commerce-Connections is the UK partner for Compacer’s condition-monitoring and predictive-maintenance software solution. edpem™ is a powerful process event monitoring application which provides visibility of any business process.

edpem™ is a event monitoring system which offers both intra- and inter-company end-to-end views of processes. It can provide alerts to update personnel on the status of scheduled events. This allows pro-active risk management by monitoring essential processes, so appropriate interventions and corrections can be made with significantly reduced delay. Criteria within the system can be set to enable predictability. There is a hierarchical control system to enable and organise group or individual visibility of processes. Views can be tailored to roles within an organisation to provide high- and low-level views to relevant users for maximum efficiency. With edpem™, by bringing together information from connected systems for distributed teams, any business has one of the most powerful tools for maintaining peak service.

Furthermore, edpem™’s surface-level operation means it can safely monitor processes without risk to sensitive material or customer data. edpem™ makes use of passive data, which is data sent to edpem™ rather than actively requested. Integration with edpem™ does not require direct access to business-critical databases; no additional development is needed; hence it removes the risk of interrupting essential processes.

Why choose edpem™?

edpem is an integrated solution that provides tools for process management.

Simple, standalone implementation which does not require any additional business process management (BPM) software

Able to integrate with almost any other system (even legacy systems)

Gathers all the information sent byconnected systems, making it available for distributed teams

Analysis and visualisation of process events

Platform-independent; it can be viewed in a web browser

Can be deployed decentralised or centralised in any department of an organisation

Main Functions
  • Customisable dashboard for event/process overview
  • Business intelligence tools for viewing statistics and generating reports
  • Can receive any passive data from any system, externally or internally
  • Alerts when events happen or when scheduled events do not happen
  • Web-based interface customisable with HTML templates
Portal Solution

Retail Gateway Service, Commerce-Connections' portal solution, enables organisations to integrate their suppliers and customers electronically via a single portal interface.

Retail Gateway Service can be customised to an organisation's individual needs from simple order taking to extended supply chain management processes facilitating the web, EDI/XML and fax. The portal backend can be integrated into all major ERP and other backend applications.

If you wish to know more or you would like to arrange a demonstration, you can request this via our Online Enquiry page.

Typical B2B Applications

We support the EDI specifications of an extensive network of grocers and retailers for thousands of suppliers. Get connected with Commerce-Connections today,
please contact us for further information.

  • Data Synchronisation
  • Just-In-Time (JIT) Supply Chain management
  • Forecasting
  • WebForms
  • Order / Invoice
  • CSV Upload
  • Delivery Notification
  • EDI to Fax - Fax to EDI
  • Supply Chain Visibility
  • Traditional EDI (XML, EDIFACT, TRADACOM)
Key Benefits

Communication with suppliers and customers alike

Single Flow

Single route in and out of organisation

Easy to Maintain / Manage

Latest Generation database driven Web Application

Full Customisable

The portal components can be customised to support most business processes

Fast Deployment

Roll out support provided by Commerce-Connections

API Integration Solution

Commerce-Connections' API Integration Solution enables your legacy system to integrate with any company's platform via APIs.

We help organisations to link disparate applications and databases to optimise the value of their existing systems. Our company builds a custom API integration that matches your enterprise system requirements. Through standard and custom APIs linking to third-party applications and web services, we enable clients to align business processes and achieve better connectivity.

If you wish to know more, please contact us for further information.

API Integration projects we have deployed:
Below is a list of API platforms and more we can integrate with.
If you are looking for integration not listed below, please contact us for further information.

Commerce-Connections enables API integration between Google Analytics with companies' own internal data sources to undergo further data analysis.

Commerce-Connections has deployed projects with MuleSoft by using API integration to handle EDI documents, such as orders, invoices and advanced shipping notices etc.

Commerce-Connections has been a technology partner with Microsoft for many years. We support Microsoft Dynamics 365 , Microsoft Dynamics NAV and more.

Commerce-Connections has a group of experts to handle Oracle related integrations like Oracle NetSuite.

Commerce-Connections is a channel partner of Alibaba Cloud. We support API integration with Alibaba Cloud to enable you to expand your business into China.

Commerce-Connections supports integration with Amazon. It allows you to manage your orders, inventory and more by integrating with your ERP software.

Commerce-Connections provides a WeChat mini program API Integration Solution that enables you to boost business growth in China.